Did you know that over 66% of all adults in the U.S. are overweight or obese? Did you know that as you become overweight or obese your risk for the following also increases: coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, hypertension, stroke, and other chronic health conditions.

Two unique weight loss programs for college students.

Being a student is hard enough. Becoming healthy and staying fit doesn’t have to be! The research team at UCSD has developed two unique programs just for you, the busy college or university student, to help you lose weight and stay healthy.

What makes these two
programs unique?

They focus specifically and only on college and university students. They’re cutting edge. One program presents high quality content on weight control via an attractive website. The other program uses a more interactive format that includes the use of your mobile phone and Facebook to help you stay healthy and fit in a fun and engaging way.

Learn more about each program.

The weight loss programs are part of a clinical research study that is completely free to those who qualify to participate. To “qualify,” you must meet our recruitment criteria, pass the screening process, and sign an informed consent before you can join the clinical trial phase of the study.

If you qualify, you will be randomly assigned to one of the two programs: Program A or Program B.

There will be no cost to you. In fact, we’re going to pay you to test-drive our programs and share your opinions with us!

Recruitment for the SMART health study is now closed... but, other studies are recruiting. If you're a Spanish speaking individual looking to lose weight, contact contxtcoach@ucsd.edu

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